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Why should you opt for a Paediatric Radiology Second Opinion?

When it comes to your child’s radiology scans, nothing should be taken lightly. A misdiagnosis of your child’s radiology report can prove to be problematic in the future. Failure to recognize and analyze problems that the radiology scan shows can be the starting point of your child’s disorders in their adulthood.

Over and under-diagnosis of your child’s condition is more common than you think. 90% of paediatric radiology scans are read by a generalist instead of a paediatric radiologist. This increases the chances of misdiagnosis of various paediatric radiology scans. Unlike an adult, your child's body is still developing and changing. In order to examine any potential injury, necessary diagnosis or treatment, an MRI, CT scan, or Ultrasound is used. A misdiagnosis at this vital point of development might result in lasting, crippling problems. A detailed understanding of the complicated and dynamic face of anatomy as well as unique disease presentations in children is required for the appropriate interpretation of child radiography imaging.

A second opinion should always be considered of your child’s radiology reports. When it comes to paediatric radiology, an expert in the field should be consulted because there is a difference between your family doctor and an expert child specialist.

At Radiologycheck.com, you get a precise second opinion and detailed diagnosis for your child’s health issues

Radiologycheck.com second opinion encompasses all the elements of a paediatric radiology scan, including:

CT Scan

Why is it necessary to go for a Second Opinion?

Why is it necessary to go for a Second Opinion?

Any disease diagnosis has the potential to change our lives. Nearly all of us become overwhelmed in such circumstances. However, being aware of the possibilities may enable you to make more assured choices. Many people seek a second opinion from a radiologist in order to feel at ease and in charge of their lives.

How a second opinion can benefit you:

It confirms the accuracy of your diagnosis.
You get a better understanding of your condition.
You have the option of choosing the best way forward.
You get peace of mind.
You can make a confident decision.

Our experts give second opinions for all paediatric Radiology scans, including:

Airway Imaging
Chest Imaging
Cardiac Scans
Gastrointestinal Scans
Genito-urinary Tests
Musculoskeletal Imaging
Brain and Spine Scans
Head and Neck Imaging
Paediatric Neuroradiology