Pro Bono Commitment

Dedicated to Making a Difference. At RadiologyCheck, we're committed to accessibility and support for all. Our pro bono services reflect our dedication to providing expert radiology second opinions to those in need, ensuring high-quality healthcare is within reach for everyone.

Pro Bono

When it comes to healthcare, obtaining a correct diagnosis is crucial in ensuring appropriate treatment and care. However, due to the complex nature of medical conditions, misdiagnosis can occur and lead to harmful consequences for patients. This is where a second opinion proves to be handy.

We believe everybody is privy to good health; that is why Dr. Ali Rahman and his team have started an initiative of pro bono second opinions, where an opinion is provided on the radiology reports of people who are unemployed, disabled, elderly, living as single mothers or have limited access to healthcare. Pro bono second opinions are medical consultations provided by a healthcare professional either free or at a reduced rate to individuals.

A second opinion as such can help patients gain a better understanding of their diagnosis and treatment options. It can either provide reassurance about the initial diagnosis being correct or identify potential misdiagnosis.

Additionally, this type of a second opinion can help patients feel more in control of their healthcare by offering them necessary information and enabling them to make informed choices.

By breaking down barriers to healthcare access, has initiated a pro bono second opinion program that ensures all patients receive the care and attention they need regardless of their financial situation.