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Why do you need an Oncological Radiology Second Opinion?

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It is estimated that nearly 10 million deaths were caused by cancer in 2020. The most common types of cancer in 2020 (in terms of new cases of cancer) were that of the breast with 2.26 million cases and the lungs with 2.21 million cases. Each year, the numbers increase. Owing to population increase and aging, the worldwide burden of cancer is anticipated to rise to 27.5 million new cases and 16.3 million cancer deaths by 2040. The future cost is also likely to be greater due to the rising frequency of risk factors in economically transitional nations such as smoking, unhealthy food, physical inactivity, etc.

Early detection of cancer becomes crucial as the chances of successfully treating the disease considerably increases. The two elements of cancer detection are screening and early diagnosis (or down staging). The process of oncological screening evaluates healthy individuals to find those who may have cancer before any symptoms even occur; early diagnosis focuses on identifying symptomatic patients as soon as possible.

When it comes to your oncological radiology reports, you should always consider a second opinion. A second opinion confirms the present diagnosis or provides new information that may improve therapy success. When the diagnosis is ambiguous or there is no expected therapeutic response or you are unhappy with the diagnosis or therapy, you should seek a second opinion.

At Radiologycheck.com, you can get a precise second opinion and detailed diagnosis of your oncological radiology scans.

Our second opinion encompasses all oncological scans including:

CT Scan

Why is it necessary to go for a Second Opinion?

Why is it necessary to go for a Second Opinion?

Any disease diagnosis has the potential to change our lives. Nearly all of us become overwhelmed in such circumstances. However, being aware of the possibilities may enable you to make more assured choices. Many people seek a second opinion from a radiologist in order to feel at ease and in charge of their lives.

How a second opinion can benefit you:

It confirms the accuracy of your diagnosis.
You get a better understanding of your condition.
You have the option of choosing the best way forward.
You get peace of mind.
You can make a confident decision.